As might be expected, there isn’t a lot out there. A google search will result in a lot of repeat links to HuffPo articles and such. I’ve gone and pulled out the various resources I think are worth reading/listening to, but I’m sure there are things I’ve missed. Please feel free to let me know of a resource or community I have missed!

The Godless Grief tumblr: a tumblr blog I curate with links to articles about secular grief/mourning.

My Articles:

Atheist Republic:
Celebrity Death and the Secularization of Mourning
Trying to Find the Words
We are all Grieving Futures
Intro to a Mourner

Open to Hope:
Walking Backwards into the Future
Remember Yourself
Normal Grief is Unique for Each Person


Comforting Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing to Do with God
by Greta Christina
Popular atheist activist writes about her experiences with grief.

A Grief Workbook for Skeptics: Surviving Loss without Religion
by Carol Fiore

Grief Beyond Belief
Facebook page offering community support for those dealing with death.

The Grieving Atheist
A lovely, insightful blog

Godless Grief: An Atheist Discussion of Death, Grief, and Family Loss
by Cathe Jones
A kindle book — I have not read it and reviews are both good and bad. But it exists.


Grief without god by Carol A. Fiore
A short personal essay at

Atheism and Tragedy by Makeesha Fisher
Column reflecting on feelings and reactions to tragedy

Griefing without belief in God or an afterlife
Interview with Rebecca Hensler, the founder of Grief Beyond Belief, at FreeThinkingJew.

After Tragedy, Nonbelievers Find Other Ways to Cope
by Barbara Bradley Hagerty
Nice NPR article interviewing several atheist grievers.

Grieving without god by Noah Brand
A short personal essay about the death of the writher’s mother, at The Good Men Project.

Grief Without God is a Challenge for Atheists by Kimberly Winston
News feature about atheist grievers at HuffPo.

Grief wihout god – The Thinking Atheist Podcast #16
Podcast with call-in discussions with listeners about atheist grief