New post up at AR: “The False Sentiment of Material Things”

It’s been a while since I wrote a post for Atheist Republic, which I regret. Hopefully, I can keep to a more frequent posting schedule this year, at least every couple of months. So much atheist space online is taken up by deconverted people debunking religion, which is valuable for those who need that kind of dialogue, but what I really want to see more expositions about life from a secular perspective. Love, marriage, birth, death are all topics that I feel many atheists shy away from talking about as atheists because those are aspects of life that our cultures variously overlay with religious faith and spirituality. But, these are also life events that we all share in common, to different degrees.

All I can write about with any true trust in my ability is, unfortunately, death, grief, and mourning. So, that’s what I’ll keep doing. <3